Best-tasting oysters are very hard to ignore. If you want to know about the world's best oysters, then this article is for you. We have compiled a list of the top ten oyster species for you. You can prepare oysters at home with your family. However, if you find it hard to cook at home you can surely go to any seafood restaurant in Greensboro. Red Crab Juicy Seafood has the best varieties of oysters for you. They prepare oysters with their signature seasonings for their customers. 

Let us discuss the top ten delicious oyster species from the world. 

Specialties Gillardeau

This oyster species is from France, and it is among the best-tasting oysters in the world. These oysters have tender bodies with a rich savoriness. It is smaller in size and has many flavors. These are not very sweet. However, they offer a nutty taste. 


Shellfish farming is very common in France. Bouzigues are commonly found in France and are famous around the world due to their flavors. It has a fruity flavor and a crunchy texture. Its aftertaste is just like the watermelon rind. This taste is very uncommon yet refreshing. 

Santa Catarina

These oysters are wisely found in Brazil. You can enjoy these oysters with lime. Santa Catarina is very salty, so lime is necessary to balance out its taste. Its meat also has a rocky minerality and vegetal tones. 

Kelly Galway

These oysters are bigger than other oysters. Its meat has soy sauce-like savoriness and is large. This oyster is heavenly, delicious and one of a kind. Red Crab Juicy Seafood is a seafood restaurant in Greensboro, where you can get these oysters. You will never regret ordering these oysters. 

Sydney Rock

These oysters are of different types that are present in North America. It is also found everywhere in Australia and New Zealand. These oysters are tolerant of a wide range of salinity. These are cylindrical. They are elastic and firm and have a tenacious texture. These oysters vary in taste. Their taste depends on the area where they harvest. Many oysters have an earthy and pungent flavor. Some have wonderful nostalgic fishiness just like salted and smoked seafood.


These oysters are grown in Mexico. This species of oyster is a favorite around the world. These oysters grow in high salinity.

Jersey Coast

These oysters are deep-cupped oysters from Jersey Ireland. These oysters harvest from Royal Bay of Goreville. The meat of these oysters is crispy, supple, and savory which addicts you. 


These world-famous oysters are from Japan. Its harvest depends on the time of year. There are different varieties of oysters in every season. Japan has many strict rules regarding shellfish, so it is difficult to know the true essence of these oysters. These oysters have a great taste. They have shallow and round bodies. Its meat is heavenly creamy. They are slightly salty.


These oysters are heavenly delicious and creamy in texture. This oyster has seaweed flavor and saltiness. In addition, it has a slightly sweet taste and a clean, and crisp aftertaste. Its buttery and bright flavors make it everyone's favorite. 

Namibian Pacific

These exotic oysters have an exotic taste. These oysters are from Africa and grow in the nutrient-rich water of Walvis Bay. These oysters grow quickly to form a lusciously plump. These oysters are not very salty but have many other earthy minerals. It has copper-zinc flavors. These are present in very limited amounts, so it is a rare treat for adventurers. 

Tips to buy the best oysters

Here are some tips to buy the best oyster for you. Let us discuss them. 

Firstly, you have to inspect the damaged and broken oysters. Immediately discard the damaged ones. The shells of the oysters should shiny white. However, they may have some gray or pink streaks. 

Secondly, you have to tap the shell with your fingers. There should no gap between the shell and the shell should be closed tightly. If an oyster has an open shell, discard it immediately as it is dead. 

You have to inspect the oyster meat before buying it. The shell must have glossy and plumply tan colors. However, bad oysters are dry and have a cloudy appearance. 

The contaminated oysters are gray, black, brown, and pink. 

Then you have to smell its meat. Good oysters have mild and fresh-smelling meat. Dead oysters have a pungent, and strong fishy smell. 

If you buy already shucked oysters do not consume them raw. Shucked oysters should be cooked thoroughly before use. 


Undercooked or raw oysters may cause harm to your health. Even if you consume fresh oysters in raw form, it is still dangerous for you. Those oysters harvested from warm coastal regions may have contamination and are full of bacteria. In many cases, contaminated oysters with bacteria have a good appearance and smell. As these bacteria do not cause any change to their appearance. If you feel any health issues after consuming these oysters consult your doctor immediately. Symptoms may include vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, chills, and skin lesions. If these infections become severe, they may lead to bloodstream infections and even death. Oysters from other coastal areas can also affect these bacteria and cause illness. 


In this article, we have mentioned the top ten oysters in the world. These are the best-tasting oysters in the world. Red Crab Juicy Seafood, the most popular seafood restaurant in Greensboro offers most of these oysters to its customers. You can go there and enjoy this heavenly delicious seafood.